Music Licensing

Fully Licensed Custom Music for your business.

AN UNPARALLELED STREAMING MUSIC SOLUTION. What do you get when you combine the hottest new wireless speaker technology with the world’s leading music provider? Incredible sound. Ultimate control. Total value. And the peace of mind in knowing that your music is 100% commercial-free and licensed. Introducing Mood Mix and Sonos. Is your business missing the right music? With full access to Mood Mix services and a constantly updated catalog, controllable from the Sonos app, there’s no limit as to what you can choose. Mood Mix is the leading music service licensed for business on the Sonos® platform.


Fully customizable streaming music at your fingertips

+ Create custom stations for your business

+ Complete control of playlists through the Sonos App, available for free from the Apple Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store

+ Like or block songs to fine tune your sound

+ Reliable playback, no blips no skips no mess

+ Unlimited playback time with no ads or interruptions

+ No proprietary equipment required – works with any internet enabled device

+ Exclusively designed for business – fully licensed, screened for lyrics and content

+ Mood has secured all of the necessary licensing and public performance rights and partners with major licensing groups to guarantee that your business is fully covered


The easiest to use and best-sounding system of its kind.

+ Radically simple, multi-room smart system setup of HiFi wireless speakers

+ Connects to WiFi; no speaker wires or internet cables required

+ Control the music and volume from Sonos’ easy-to-use app

+ Multiple speaker and audio components to tailor the sound to your location

+ Add additional speakers to expand your sound *Sonos is also compatible with Mood’s ProFusion music delivery platform. Inquire for more details.