ACI has been a premier installer of audio, video, teledata, security and IT hardware for over 25 years.  ACI is  a select installer for major A/V Companies in the USA. We provide our services in NY, NJ, PA and Delaware. Our experience provides smooth integration no matter how large or small the project. We have been the trusted installer for wide variety of high-profile clients.

ACI has been the selected installer for many flagship retail locations such as Ralph Lauren Polo, Ray Ban and Saks Fifth Avenue to mention just a few.

ACI has performed many high profile installations for major enterprise clients as well.

Our technicians are trained and familiar with the major DSP (digital signal processors);  Bose, Symetrix and DBX processors &  controls.

All installations performed by ACI are thoroughly tested, certified and warranted for workmanship and performance standards.

ACI is a registered Public Works Contractor in the state of New Jersey 

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